An Italian Side Street

Fuji X-Pro1 | XF18mm f2 Pancake Lens | Exposure f4 @ 1/125 sec. | ISO 200 | © James Gray

Propped up on its stand, an old timer bicycle waits for its owner in a cobbled side street in Mantova, Italy. Just a short drive from Verona, the home of the lovers, Romeo and Juliet. There’s history on the corner of every street in Italy. If the motorbike wasn’t in the picture, then it would be much harder to date the picture, but I took it just a couple of years ago on a Fuji X-Pro1, which was a pretty good camera for taking street photographs. This camera hardly made a sound when you take a picture, just the slightest noise.

Taken on a visit to a supplier in a nearby town, and this was from a walk about in the afternoon to chill out before flying home the next day.

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